Dougly, an endangered proboscis monkey, gains national praise at the Central Park Zoo when he claims that mysterious diamonds grow inside his enormous nose. Through his popularity, he hopes to save his family’s rainforest in Malaysia.
The future looks bright for his species, until America’s most wanted jewel thief is hot on Dougly’s trail to steal the “snot-nosed diamonds!”

With the help of a fast-talking NYC pigeon, a zookeeper and an inquisitive 11-year-old boy, Dougly works hard to escape the evil plot of the jewel thief.

Monkey Boogers is a fun-filled musical animated series with action, adventure and mistaken identities. Through an epic goose chase around NYC, Dougly learns the importance of being who you are, protecting endangered species and preserving our planet.

STEDMAN:  A curious 11-year-old who is the Central Park Zoo’s most loyal animal enthusiast. He likes science, nature, and asking lots of tough questions.

 JT: An eccentric zookeeper. She’s quirky, maternal, and takes great pride in the history and future of the Central Park Zoo.

 SPIVEY: Minerva’s doormat boyfriend. He’s a golden hearted, gullible sucker in love.



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