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Incominnnggg!!! SPLAT. She's a little clumsy, a little crass, and always the last bird to the worm. Her name is Robin and she's one of the million pesky pigeons who calls New York City home. After being pigeon-holed a bird-brained flying rat most of her life, she believes it. That is until she meets Dougly, the world’s most endangered monkey at the Central Park Zoo who’s hiding a BIG secret! When Dougly finds himself in a heap of trouble involving Manhattan’s most notorious jewel thief, Robin swoops in to the rescue. Through her courageous adventures with her new pal, Robin discovers that as long as she sets her bird brain to it, she can fly higher than she ever could before!

A Malaysian monkey on a mission! He’s a spirited, sweet and bright-eyed hopeful with a big secret. 

A crass and proud NYC pigeon. She’s an in-your-face big talker...with low self-esteem.

A devious diva and most wanted jewel thief. She’s a mistress of disguise who makes causing trouble an art form. 





STEDMAN:  A curious 11-year-old who is the Central Park Zoo’s most loyal animal enthusiast. He likes science, nature, and asking lots of tough questions.  JT: An eccentric zookeeper. She’s quirky, maternal, and takes great pride in the history and future of the Central Park Zoo.  SPIVEY: Minerva’s doormat boyfriend. He’s a golden hearted, gullible sucker in love.

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